In total Wheel Horse manufactured 100's of models and variants over the years. It is unfortunate that Europe never saw many of these, but over the years many US models have surfaced as private collectors have imported them into the UK.

Over the years that the Belgian factory was in production there were over 50 models produced. Here we hope to capture those models and details.

The list is only as complete as those models I have seen myself or have been documented on forums and the internet. It is probably 90% complete and this will probably stay that way as new variants surface.

The gallery here, covers the models both imported to Europe and assembled in Belgium. The model list below covers all models - there are still a few European models still to be documented.

There were also two models produced under licence for Norlett, see here for more details

But it's not always that simple!  see below for a detailed table of models.

European model look up


 In order to track the models we have a Wheel Horse register here



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