A little history...

The original business was founded in 1946 by Elmer Pond, these were 2 wheel walk behind garden tractors. The first true tractor was the RJ-58 manufactured in 1958. This model included the first Uni-Drive transmission and used a Clinton or Kohler engine.

Many implements and attachments were made for these models making them incredibly useful in both households and businesses.


By 1965 hydrostatic drive models were made available and the first models were imported into Europe. The first models being the Lawn Ranger and Commando series.

In order to increase presence in Europe a factory was opened in Geel, Belgium to support manufacture. This factory was called Amnor N.V. and was a final assembly and paint line. All major components were shipped ‘knocked down’ in containers where the factory would assemble them into the current models. This did lead to disparity with model numbers, specifications and markings, but generally all models were very close representations of the US counterparts.

In August 1986 the business was sold to Toro for $8M and the products were sold as Toro Wheel Horse well into the 1990’s.

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